One World Government

Roland Stahl
October, 2020

     I look back at a very early publication of mine, The World Union Company, printed in San Francisco in 1980, including a reprint of Theophany, complete with the original color plates.  An early presentation of what would become The Church of the Living Tree, it laid out a whole program of planetary renovation.  If we had started it back then, things might not be as bad as they are now.  Will we wait another 40 years?  If you think it’s bad now, in another 40 years the shit is really going to be hitting the fan.  

     One of the starting premises, referencing Einstein, Teilhard de Chardin, Bertrand Russell, and H.G. Wells, was that nothing further could be expected, in the way of planetary evolution, until and unless the whole world were politically unified.  The Jungle of Warring States model is just no longer adequate to deal with the current problems on the earth.  Everything I was describing 40 years ago has gotten a whole lot worse.  Instead of beginning a massive program of tree planting, countries like Brazil continue to burn off their forests, so they can get a season or two of rape and pillage before moving on to new forests to clear.  Climate change, the burning of the earth, floods, famines, tropical storms, even the pandemic, are all predictable consequences of a planet long gone out of control.  

     Once again it is becoming inescapably evident that there is no hope at all, given the present political state of the planet.  The only hope for the survival of life on this planet is to get the whole thing under view at once, with a plan for the whole earth.  Everything is breaking down – social and political unrest has been intensifying all over the globe over the last few decades.  This pandemic is just the icing on the cake, one final straw on the camel’s back, one bright red cherry on top of the sundae of life, as a dying planet clings to survival as long as possible.  (Sorry to mix my metaphors – two of those are, of course, ironical.)

     Everyone fears the One World Government, but I fear the United States of America even more.  This planet is not safe as long as there are rogue nations like the United States rampaging around, wreaking destruction.  I think people are worried about the idea of a One World Government because they envision some dystopian hegemon finally conquering all, whose leaders live in luxury while the common people are enslaved in misery.  Could you imagine the likes of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin ruling the world?  Pass the absinthe, again!

     But it doesn’t have to be this way.  I have put together a whole vision of how the planet can be restored to biological health again, but what really troubles me is that I don’t see, anywhere, anyone else coming up with any plan for survival, at all.  

     If anyone is aware of any other plan for the survival of life on earth, please bring it to my attention.

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