Short Articles


Three Solutions to the War in Palestine

A Sinking Ship

The Canary is Dying


Big Brother Go Home

End Times

The Good Old Days

Biden’s Mistake

The Prior Problem

The Pendulum Error

Taiwan and Hawaii

The Omega Point

To whom shall I complain?

Time Lapse Video: Planet Earth

Intersex, Transgender, and Queer Pride

The Republican Conspiracy

Still Speechless

The Real Turkey

The End of Capitalism

Deus Ex Machina

It’s Not Going to Get Better

$12 Per Gallon Gasoline

End of the Trail

The Cycle of Drought and Floods

Charles Rex

The Only Way Out

We Are Living a Dystopian Novel

Deus Perditus

All Systems in the Red Zone

The One World Government Problem

End the War Now

Democracy in Crisis

The Chain of Love

The Price of Gas


Another Way to End the Ukraine War

Putin’s Folly

Gender Liberation

The Aura of a Dying Planet

World War III

Restore the Tsar !

“Why Do We Need a World if Russia’s Not In It?”

Self Determination ~ Ukraine and Elsewhere

Legitimate Political Discourse

In Honor of Jesus Christ

Babies for Sale

Tree Planting Jubilee

Two Economic Fallacies

Money, Sex, and Power

I Need an Editor

Afghanistan Solution

Droughts and Floods

The End is Near

The Failure of Democracy

Solution to the Question of Debt Financing


This is the Ancien Regime

Pearls Before Swine

One World Government

Reliability Index for Websites

Evolutionary Leap Now

A Larger Perspective of Racial Strife

A Renaissance of Democracy


Sex Metaphysics

Fiat Currency

Gender Neutral Pronouns and Latin Adjectives

The Truth About Wearing A Mask

Take Away Their Guns

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

Response to Two Objections to Free Farms


Catastrophe Fatigue

The Root of the Problem

A Problem From Hell – Samantha Power

Counter Offer to the Peace Plan of the Century

The Finger of God

Everything is for the Best in this Best of all Possible Worlds

A Solution for Brexit

A Plan to Save the Earth

The Garden of Eden

The Problem with Nuclear Power

When You Gonna Wake Up?

The Sky is Falling

F. Marion Crawford

The End of the World As We Know It

A Personal God

Loving Everyone

Advocate for the Tree


Listen to the Voice in your Head

Endgame, USA

Proposed Address to the First Convocation of the Seminary of the Church of the Living Tree


The Holy Ghost

The Religion Taboo


Meditation on Consciousness

Weapons of War

Requiem for a Lost Planet

The Apple of Discord

Six Regions of the World on the Way to World Union

Korean Re-Unification


A Solution to the Fiasco of North Korea

A Run on Uncle Sam?

Guns or Money

Economic Theory

The Noosphere

A One World Total Makeover

Philosophical Meditations on the Nature of God

Speculations on Cosmic Consciousness and the Love of God

The Evolution of Theology

A New Therapeutic Approach to Deviant or Criminal Behavior

Not Enough Love in the World

Felix Polydactyl Meander

A Modest Proposal to Achieve Peace in the Middle East

Priests and Pedophiles

The Colors of the Aura

Money, Power, Politics, & God

On Growing Old

The Problem of Europe

Carbon Capture and Storage

Manipulated Markets

The Falling Dollar, Continued

A Congress of the Wealthy and Powerful

The War on Drugs

A New Currency, A New Bank, and a New World

Re: The Happiness Project

The Hierarchy of Importance

The Kabbalah and The Tree of Life

Seven Ways to Retire the U.S. National Debt

A Review of Zeitgeist, Moving Forward

Free Market Capitalism

Is God Almighty?

Yet Another Letter to Barack Obama

One World Government

Einstein’s Fundamental Error


The Stone that the Builders Refused

Secret Societies

A New World

Reality Economics

Letter to Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion,

Acts of God


Instant Run-off Election

The Cause and Cure of Disease

The Fall of the Dollar

Speculations on Cosmology

A Solution to the War in the Middle East

The Survival of Life on Earth

In Defense of North Korea and Iran

“Freedom and Democracy”

Is Religion Good or Bad?

How to Measure Spiritual Growth

“Free” as the Next Horizon in Radical Philosophy

The Great War of Alcohol against Cannabis

Hemp Prohibition — Folly or Crime?

The Marijuana Problem

The Metaphysics of Sex

Hermetic Alchemy

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